Tuesday, July 12, 2011


A few weeks ago, I went to the office clinic to undergo our company's Annual Physical Examination.

This is a standard procedure with the company to allow us employees to enter the office premises. We have to be deemed fit to work.

This is a normal procedure. ECG, eye test, blood pressure, cholesterol, urine, stool, AIDS, the whole naked thing where the doctor asks you to pull down your shorts and spread open your ass. I knew I have normal stats so I was fine with it.

But that day was especially depressing for me. It was something dreadful. No, I was not molested in a previous check-up (for me, it wouldn't be traumatic, I'd probably look forward to being thoroughly checked by my doctor). Anyway, what I was afraid of, what I was truly dreadful of during the day is stepping on the scales.

It's been months since I've weighed myself.

I knew I have been careless regarding my body. I went to Boracay during the summer and only took off my shirt when I'm waste deep in water. I've been fat. But what I did not realize is that I really haven't taken care of my health in a very long time. This was when I said that my sole goal for the year was to lose weight.

My jaw dropped as soon as I saw the scale point to a dreadful number. 201.

The heaviest I've been my entire life.

I'm not a tall guy so seeing that number was painful. I'm no longer just chubby or stocky. I'm FAT bordering on obese.

I have been on a downward spiral. I can't put my socks on properly. I didn't want to look at the mirror. Half of my pants, I can't button anymore, even more with my business attire. I pull my shoulders up, and I look like the Nutty Professor. After we went to Boracay, I untagged myself in alot of my friend's photos. I didn't want to have my picture taken. My profile picture in facebook was from three years ago during my trip overseas.

I became a pig. And that was unacceptable.

Honestly, I don't really make a huge deal in terms of my weight. I thought I had a partner who accepts me for who I am and not how I look physically. The Kid would tell me to try to lose weight, but when we're out on dates the Kid usually hand me those he can't finish.

My parents don't really help that much also. Whenever I tell them I'm going on a diet, that's when they usually feed me all my favorite food. Caldereta. Pork Steak. Carbonara. Beef with Mushroom. Yang Chow Rice.


It usually takes me 2 days to end the diet stage.

Work didn't help as well. Since accepting a different role at work last year, I never really had the chance to tread the path of the fit and healthy. Twice or thrice, sometimes the whole week we'd feast on the fast food dinners. Army Navy burgers, Amber's, Chickboy, Mercatto, Banchetto, Salcedo Market, Yellow Cab, Jollibee, 2 piece Mini Stop chicken, McDonald's, KFC, homemade oily fatty viands, anything that will get your cholesterol level to dangerous levels we tried out.

I bought Kinect for XBox to have an exercise. But it took me only two months to give up on it. The console haven't really been played with after my birthday party five months ago.

A few days after, I decided to stop eating rice. Whenever I felt the need to eat, I go straight to my room and sleep it off. I started drinking alot of water. You could say I went on a crash diet. I know it's not really healthy, but I needed to start somewhere.

When I shed off my first few pounds, that's when I started eating again. Rice meals became spoonfuls a day. I said goodbye to junk food and chocolates. I started drinking fruit smoothies and eating fruits. I still drink alot of water.

For about a month, I did not order pizza (which before was done almost weekly). I lessened hanging out with my officemates during lunch break and opted against whenever they wanted to eat outside. Eating breakfast at McDonald's meant just ordering a couple of pancakes and not the longanisa meal with sausage mcmuffin.

This went on for days, until I finally am able to survive a day without putting rice in my mouth. I learned the art of discipline. I don't eat before I sleep anymore. And I usually can get by a day with only a couple of bananas in my stomach. I still indulge myself with pizza or burgers or ice cream, but only once during the weekends. My thoughts, depriving myself on the things I like will only make me want to have it more.

My efforts have been productive. People have been noticing that I've shed some pounds. Last week I was able to wear again some of the polo's that I haven't worn since last year. These days when I see myself in the mirror I don't see a look of disgust in my face anymore. Believe it or not, there are even days when I feel sexy.

Yesterday morning I went again on a scale. I have already lost 21 pounds. I smiled.

I'm far from getting to my goal. There's still a lot to do and diet alone is not going to cut it.

I am writing this so I will remember everything that I've gained. So when the day comes that I want to quit, it will remind me what I have achieved and that I should not waste it.

Preparing for work this afternoon, I tried to button my pants. For the first time in a very long time I was able to close it.

I want to remember how it felt.


citybuoy said...

omg pareho tayo. i dread the scales pag APE. bwisit nga eh. ang sakit sakit sa kalooban.

i don't know if it's just me but i noticed na the older i get, the harder it is to keep the stupid pounds off. kaloka

The Constant Bonsaist said...

Apir! 200 lbs na rin ako. LOL!

rudeboy said...

Wow, pare, heaaaavvvvvyyy!!!!

Peter said...

Not many have the will power you had. Well done.

Jay Quiambao said...

"Pork Steak. Carbonara. Beef with Mushroom. Yang Chow Rice."

Fave too. Damn, nakakagutom ha!