Tuesday, November 23, 2010


I have been a third wheel for a very long time, joining couple friends on their dates. It’s awkward. You have to look away when the couples are being cheesy. You try not to puke when they kiss in front of you. It is hard work. Sitting at the back of the car and listening to them tell you some of their dates, knowing full well that you’re not in the dating scene.

I have endured that hundreds of times with my friends.

It’s only now that I realize it’s also difficult being one of the couples and having someone join you as a third wheel.

Last weekend, me and the Kid went out on a date and were joined by a friend who wanted to meet my beau. The date went great; we had a lot of fun. It was me and the Kid’s first time to go to Star City. The fact that the whole thing was his treat, made it awesome.

Anyway, as fun as it was, I found it kind of difficult because there’s someone else apart from the two of us on that date. I had to balance my attention from the Kid and the third wheel. It’s not hard, really. But still, there are things you’d rather do alone than when in front of someone else.

- You constantly have to ask the third wheel if she’s okay.
- Although they’re polite, sometimes you can’t just choose a movie to watch just because you and the beau want to see a particular film.
- You can’t be really sweet with your partner when in front of the third wheel.
- It’s more expensive treating two people than just one.
- Sometimes it’s going to be an issue, especially if the partner does not like the third wheel.
- There are also times you’ll get annoyed because your partner talks to the third wheel more than he/she talks to you.

But then again…

- It is nice when you hear your partner proclaims how much he loves you to the third wheel.
- It’s great when you know that he wants to get to know the people that you love.
- It’s cute when you try to steal kisses or hold hands when the other person’s (the third wheel, not the beau) not around.
- And it’s great when at the end of the day, your friend will tell you that he/she approves of the person you love.


MkSurf8 said...

hanapan na lang ng wheel si third para 4-wheeled date na! hahaha! .

iurico said...

wow! Ikaw na ang "high-school-girl-with-pigtails!"

hahaha - maimagine ko lang ikaw! hahaha

Mac Callister said...

yun naman usually ang reward sa huli e, yun malaman mo na aprub si bf sa closest friend mo!

Guyrony said...

Three is a crowd.

Even if the person might be polite, kind, nice.

Nuisances are omnipresent even if not warranted.

Peter said...

Haven't been in that situation. But these are interesting thoughts.

m2mtripper said...

Been there, done that (as the third wheel and isa sa couple).

Siguro masyado lang kaming close ni BFF kaya hindi naging problem sa amin ang ganitong set-up. Pero syempre, di talaga mawawala ang awkward moments.

I'm back!

Smile. Love. Peace!


Klaus said...

I totally get this. "You have to look away when the couples are being cheesy." Awkward. Haha