Wednesday, November 10, 2010


I haven't been posting anything light here in a long time, have I? This blog wasn't supposed to be about me ranting about other gay people or raving about my love life. This wasn't how my home used to be.

Maybe I've grown up. Or maybe I've become immature. Who knows.

This is why maintaining two blogs is hard.

Anyway, back to the light post thing. This may seem familiar to some of you because I just posted this on my other home.

Last Friday, the Kid and I stayed out late. The Kid's really talkative and sometimes he's just like a child having sugar rush or something. So we were like trying to go to bed already, but he's still wide awake, while I was trying to rest already.

I guess, this is me when I get really sleepy.

Kid: Hon, sino nga yung kontrabida dun sa Betty La Fea?
Me: Si Marcella.
K: Sino nga si Marcella?
M: Si Stella Yulo (HR Manager from where I'm working).
K: Sino si Stella Yulo?
M: Yung kasabayan ni Hopia.
K: Huh, sino si Hopia?
M: Yung sa Going Bulilit.
K: Hon, parang di naman ata magka-age si Hopia tsaka si Stella Yulo.
M: (I woke up)

K: Hon, bakit hindi pa kinakasal sina Morris and Maybe (a couple of my best friends)
M: Kasi magpapalit pa sila ng pangalan.
K: Bakit nila kailangan magpalit ng pangalan?
M: Syempre kasi natatakot sila.
K: Saan naman sila natatakot?
M: Ano ba, e di sa mga terorista.

K: blah blah blah (I really don't remember what we were talking about)
M: Teka lang hon, three minutes, magsusulat lang ako ng short story (snore)
K: (he gave up and went to sleep too)

I remember there was one time also, we were on the phone, and in the middle of him talking, I butt in with...
M: Hon, teka lang ha mag-iigib lang ako ng tubig.

Man, I'm getting old.


anteros' dominion said...

ngayon ko lang nabatid...ikaw pala yung mahusay na blogger na yun.

lalo mo akong pinapahanga

wanderingcommuter said...


for me, this is the best blog entry i have read from you! just can't stop myself from laughing! hahahaha

Angelo said...

wahahaha! nice entry. :)

iurico said...

"Man, I'm getting old. "

Ugh! Im tryin not to admit this to myself. haha

SANUNAI said...

awesome blog...

buddy follow me...

good day!

Mulch said...

i dunno if this really supposed to be funny ... but IT IS REALLY FUNNY. laughed my gutts out.