Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Been blog hopping lately, and I must say I’m really impressed with a lot of the new bloggers emerging on this side of the blogosphere.

Gone were the days when sex was the main hook of writers. Heck, even Soltero’s starting to become sentimental.

But the new ones these days, I’m just wowed by how talented some of the new writers have become. I get nosebleed every time I open the blog of one of the new people I follow. The last time I’ve read so many awesome online journals was when this blog was still new.

Sex still sells though. There’s this one blog I keep on following, not because of his posts but because he’s just hot. He doesn’t do sex posts, which is great, and he’s low profile. I like low profile bloggers.

Speaking of low profile bloggers or bloggers in general, I wonder if all of them open up blogs to become famous.

A lot may disagree, but I think people nowadays do this to get noticed, to become popular. There are even bloggers who put up a blog so they’d be able to meet other bloggers too.

I’m not going to lie but there was a time when I wanted to become a celebrity through my blog. That’s a long shot, still is, but there are days when I hope to achieve that. I’m pretty sure a lot of people share the same sentiment. I mean if that’s not an intention, you could always keep the blog private. Or better yet, just stay writing on journals or notebooks.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to become a celebrity or famous using blogs as a medium. It is a growing trend which shows no signs of declining soon.

I shouldn’t really be worrying or thinking about this too much. Everyone’s got a reason for writing, and it’s their home. I shouldn’t be concerned too much.

I shouldn't be concerned at all.


Mac Callister said...

masarap mag blog lalo't alam mo na madami nagbabasa at nakaka relate.

and yeah,isa na din dun yun madami makakakilala sa yo...and might lead to some good friendships...

Anonymous said...


and I remember you including your blogspot address in your office email signatures back in the training days in the good ol' valero office. which is how I came across your blog even before I put up one on blogspot.

doesnt mean that because one doesnt keep his blog private, one wants to be famous. reading comments and how people react to your posts is entertainment in itself.

Herbs D. said...

I do it just so i could be heard. Nothing more

Lalakeng Disente said...

when i started, it never crossed my freaking mind that i will have more than 20 followers...for reals, nagsulat lang ako nagsulat, para lang akong tanga hahaha...

merong disadvantage pag medyo nakilala ka na..marami ring makakakilala sa iyo na kakilala pala ng kakilala mo...patay!

Sonia said...

I agree with Mac Callister. Blogging is like getting your voice out there, with the ocean of ideas. Some may relate, and some may like it, but there will always be some who will think it's not for them.

It's a double-edged sword though, it's always a risk. Some people might think you mean something else and "flame" you. ouch. The last time that happened to me, i was left with a bewildered, "Huh, what was that about?". and now i'm almost relegated to writing about certain stuff on Moleskines. :-p What would you do?

Russel said...

Hello Engel! Its been a long time since I visited your blog. I got sick kasi and our internet connection was disconnected. Anyway, regarding the topic, when I first started blogging I have to admit that I was interested in becoming famous. I think that is something I really have to work on considering that I have been gone from the blogosphere for almost a year. I also wanted to have more friends which I think I did achieve and I am meeting more and more lovely people each day.

Désolé Boy said...

me? for as long as there are 2 or 3 people reading my blog who got the message i want to voice out, am already happy and contended.
mas nakakalungkot yung ang dame mong followers at nagkocomment tapos di nagegets yung sinasabi mo =(

The Chemistry Guy said...

it's really nice reading some blogs, you would know the blogger's personality.

Will said...

My ultimate goal is not to gain a lot of readers and achieve fame, but to make people enjoy reading my blog. Doesn't matter how many readers I have, as long as they'd enjoy coming back. :)

hard2getxxx said...

likas kasi sa atin ang pagiging tsismosa kaya pati ibang buhay ng tao gusto natin basahin hahahahha

but sometimes we learn something sa experiences ng ibang tao

Peter said...

Paano kung walang readers ang blog? Low profile talaga?

Ronnie said...

I love to blog kahit sabaw entries ko. Nagkaroon na din ako ng friends dito tsaka medyo nahahasa ang engles ko. LOL

Kane said...

Engel!! Kilala ko yang low-profile blogger mo ata. He's cute no? =) Do you think he has sex but doesn't write about it lang?


rudeboy said...

"I shouldn't be concerned at all."

And yet, what a hanging statement that was.

This should be interesting to dissect over coffee and trinkets :P

VICTOR said...

What's nice about low profile bloggers is that I get the feeling that they talk to me directly and personally, and not to a crowd of people.