Saturday, August 14, 2010


I find lesbians interesting.

I have few gay friends, and fewer still gay females.

I don't know.

I think I like lesbians.

Joel McHale is a comic genius.

I like him in The Soup, but I'm loving him in Community.

It's really a good show.

Too bad I'm watching it with my family, yet I'm the only one laughing.


For those who've been reading this blog before.

The real reason why I haven't been writing as much as I did before.

Not the love life. That's a part of it. Not the no internet at work crap. I still think that's sad. But whatever.

But lately, my day's been occupied by Playstation 3.

I'm currently playing Obliviion IV. It's an old game. But it's addicting.

I'm such a geek.

Oh, and at work, I'm lending my comic books to this girl from our team.

I don't know.

It's nice when someone shows interest in the things I'm interested in.

I'm not that I'm becoming straight. Because I'm so in love with my kid.

But I don't really know alot of people personally that is interested in comic books.

I like being able to talk someone about it.

It's fun.


soltero said...

Joel is hilarious hehe love him in The SOup..
lesbians scare me, esp the butch ones...haha :P

Fashion Conscious said...

I used to find lesbians interesting as well. In my associations with them, I realized that most of them can easily engage in a Live In setup. The sad part is, I have yet to witness a lesbian relationship that can last for more than 10 yrs. Hmm. Alex Mapa is very Funny!

Rah said...

When I see lesbians that are more gwapo than me, it get insecure. My only consolation is that I know I have a dick. No offense meant to lesbians.

Alterjon said...

i was born with a comic strip birth-mark at the back of my head. nah. i just love 'em. :)

Sarah Ysla said...

Hi. I like your comment about gay-femme. Been reading your blog for quite a while now. :)

iurico said...

post na ng pics ng "kid." chos! hahaha

mr. rf said...

na-adik din ako dyan sa Oblivion 4 dati, kaso sa pc ko nilaro :p

arkin said...
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arkin said...

eep wrong comment. haha.

pahiram comics. :)

are you reading PhD? :)z

red the mod said...

I used to collect comicbooks myself. But these days, I prefer graphic novels. :)