Saturday, August 7, 2010


"Sometimes we just have to surprise each other."

A good friend told me this the other day.

With what happened to me in the past few months, I think I've already filled my quota for my plan to have 10 spontaneous days for 2010. Some weren't written because I was lazy, and there are things that are better kept to ourselves.

But I promised to write of 10 spontaneous days, so in the blog world, this would be my fifth.
To you this may be the first time you'll be visiting this blog, and you stumbled here because I've linked this blog from my other home.

It might confuse you. What's the difference here and the other home? Why do I have to have two blogs? Why do I have to do this now? What's in it for me?

Read through the past posts, you'll probably understand.

This might seem familiar. You may have been here before. You might even be following both blogs already, you just didn't realize.

But just like the great Manny Pacquiao said, "now you know."

To those who follow this blog and not the other one, you may need to visit this to understand better.

This is me being spontaneous.

There could be backlash. People might react negatively. Who knows. My officemates my read this and start spreading the news. I mean it doesn't matter, I'm not popular in the office.

Have I thought this through? NO.

Am I ready to face the consequences? I'm not really sure. We cross the bridge when we get there.

Is it really necessary? Not alot of people in the blogosphere know me personally, and those who do, most probably already know. And to be honest, I can keep this thing up for as long as I want, but it's a small world everyone's bound to know about it eventually.

So I guess, surprise!


soltero said...

oh damn engel ahahhaha hayup ka, ikaw din pala c gilboard! ahahah :P

Fashion Conscious said...

Everyone is like a moon, and has a dark side which he never shows to anybody. It is wise to disclose what cannot be concealed. There are no secrets better kept than the secrets everybody guesses. Nothing weighs on us so heavily as a secret. Three can keep a secret if two are dead.To keep your secret is wisdom; but to expect others to keep it is folly. How can we accept another to keep our secret if we have been unable to keep it ourselves.

iurico said...

holy mother! kaw din pala si Gillboard?! OMG!

OMG Talaga! Welcome to the family!!! I should've gotten the idea na that it was you when you kept talking about your parrot!

iurico said...



I'm trying to backread on both of your blogs! hahahaha

soltero said...

ako din di pa rin makapaniwala ahaha!
i wish you didn't divulge your two identities...pero oks na rin eheh :P

ok bigla kita naging crush tuloy ahahah :P

rudeboy said...

The parrot must die.

It's said too much already.

Boris said...

wow another blog :)

astig!!! dala-dalawang personal hehehe

orally said...

wow. that was brave.

john stanley said...

ay, nag-out na din si engel... errr... gillboard... errr... engel... errr... gillboard. sige na nga, gilbert na lang, hahaha!

Mu[g]en said...

Glad you finally came out. So, would I officially make this your official blog?

lee said...

finally :)

Jay Quiambao said...

COngratulations. :)

JP said...

you really earn my respect by doing this sir! bravo! :)

i've been a follower of your both world so i knew all along. :)

Désolé Boy said...


now i know!

Guyrony said...

True to his words...

Engel, really, tells all.

A brave move.

One that would have unfathomable consequences

But the rewards outweigh them.

That is why the revelation occurred.

Chyng said...

haha ikaw pala yan
kala ko this engel is someone from abroad... (and he's gay) hihi

Klet Makulet said...

Not a surprise but a sort of confirmation.

You're brave. :)

anyway... nothing's wrong with that. At least you're free.

MkSurf8 said...

even before a Russian spy told me about your split personality, i already had a hunch. the language may be diff but the style and tone are similar. i admire your courage. engel tells ALL talaga

Anonymous said...

ENGEEEEEEL!!!! Apir!!!!

finally, ang saya no? ang sarap sa pakiramdam?

pero ready ka na sa intriga at sa mga keme? :)

ang iyong kaibigan,

Popoy Inosentes :)

Anonymous said...

congrats gibo! :D

Rah said...

aha! ikaw din pala si gilboard. Hahaha nice blog you have here. add kita sa blogroll.

Raft3r said...

much has been said
bamboo song din ito, diba

kryptonite User said...

How do you even find time to write two blogs at the same time when I can't keep up with one? hehehe! That only means your a talented writer. Lupit mo dude!