Thursday, September 29, 2011


Geeking out once again. Have alot of things to review. I only have 30 minutes til my shift ends, so let me do this quickly.

This is one of my favorite new sitcoms for this season. Zooey Deschanel killed her role as Jess in The New Girl. She plays a sort of geeky girl who got dumped by her boyfriend and was forced to move in with three hunks. The last part of the description sold me. The show's a bit traditional sitcom-y, meaning it has been done before. It's like reverse-Big Bang Theory, only the hot girl is the geek with three hot guys. Anyway, three hot guys sold me. So there you go.

This show's got an interesting concept. Future earth is dying, for humans to survive, man must journey and live in the past. And by past, we mean hundreds of millions of years in the past. When dinosaurs roamed the earth. Steven Spielberg's name was linked to this project so that immediately drew my attention. But after boring me with his other show (Falling Skies), I'm not too excited about this show. The first episode is intriguing. It's got that Lost feel to it. Hopefully, the action will pick up in the next few episodes, so we'll see.

Haven't followed this show since I don't know after Season 3 or 4. I know Charlie Sheen got fired and  was replaced by Ashton. He was not the hook for me, unfortunately. I downloaded this show just to check on how this will be different. Two episodes in, and I still find the show funny. Ashton is not Charlie, so that's good. He still brings in the sexy though, so that'll pique girl's and men's interest a bit. But I don't think I'll be seeing this the entire season. Eventually, once all the other shows I'm looking forward to watching begins, I'll probably forget about this.

So, Penny slept with Raj. Last Season wasn't as great as the previous ones, but last summer's finale immediately pulled me back in. The whole Raj and Penny thing was definitely a surprise, so I thought  I must watch this show again. I was actually more surprised that they wrapped up that story quite quickly. Would have wanted more of those two interacting with each other. But the first episode of the season got me excited for the next episodes. So this one's still on my download list.

I don't really want to write a review for this one yet. I've only seen just one episode of Season 3. But damn! I can't wait to see this every week. Alicia's changed alot. She's hot now. She's so hot I'm now considering being a lesbian. I'm itching to see Cuddy make an appearance. I'm looking forward to seeing more of her and Will Gardner doing more sex scenes. Actually, I'd be fine if Will has a sex scene by himself. But more importantly, I want to see how her husband will react when he finds out that Alicia isn't a good wife anymore.

This show has a great concept. After 9-11, America has created a machine that can track people who could possibly commit heinous acts of terrorism. It's like Minority Report-Lite, but only better. It stars Jesus Christ (the guy from The Passion of Christ) I forgot his name. So anyway the concept, there's a machine that can predict possible acts of terrorism, but it also gets information to predict small time crime. Unfortunately, that machine discards that information. Good thing one man has access to that information and uses Jesus Christ to stop those murders from happening. It also has that Lost vibe to it. But I'm really enjoying this show.

The first of this trilogy, was the first game I played and finished when I got my XBox 360. I followed this series, even if I hadn't completed the second game. Anyway, the reason is I loved it. I loved the gameplay. I loved the bromance. I loved the emoness of this hyper-masculine game. That's why even if I don't have budget, and the Kid told me not to buy it, I still got a copy of it. It's worth it. It's a great game. More emo than I can remember, and I'm excited to finish it hopefully this weekend.

Saturday, September 10, 2011


A couple of years ago, I asked this question: Do they know?

I had an inkling that my parents had clues about who I really am. I think all parents do. These are things that just never get said. Things that are better left unsaid.

As a kid, I know they must have seen something in me. I remember my cousins would joke around that among our clan, the third generation of our family there were only about three and a half of us who'll spread our last name. The men in my family died young. I was the half.

My grandmother caught me fornicating with another guy in my room. I know she's always known. She'd tell my uncles what she thought of me when I was young. I'm sure that deed she saw would have already reached my mother's ears.

Then there's the fact that I'm almost thirty, and not once have I brought a woman home to meet them.

The Kid always sleeps over at home. And when he's there, we just lock ourselves up inside my room. I'm sure my cousin and our household help have at least once heard me and the kid say sweet nothings to each other.

They know.

The question though is this, should I confirm to them what they already know?