Thursday, February 24, 2011


On my 29th year I am going to…

Bohol with the Kid to celebrate his birthday
Be more spontaneous
Lose 20 lbs
Open a bank account
Be clear of all debts (even if I don’t own a credit card)
Party more
Meet at least 5 new friends
Keep those 5 new friends
Have more sex
Give in to the Kid’s insistence on going to Malate (but just once)
Be a more supportive boyfriend
Buy less comics
Buy only quality video games
Dance more
Get my trinkets from Ruddie and Kane (belated Happy Birthday Rudeboy!!!)
Sing my heart out
Work harder (aim for another promotion, perhaps)
Stop slouching around and start working out
Get my desktop fixed!!!
Look forward to turning 30

This is what’s nice about having two blogs, you get to write as many birthday posts as you want, and it’s fine.

Happy birthday to me!

Thursday, February 17, 2011


In nine months...
  • I knew how it felt being a teen-ager again
  • I received and sent love letters (more received than sent)
  • I felt happy finally knowing how it feels when couples argue and fight.
  • And I feel happier that all the fighting and arguing are settled
  • I became someone's first time
  • I learned about philosophy
  • And was lectured on saving money
  • We've met 'our friends' not just his or mine... but ours
  • I am, have been and will always be happy.

He said we shouldn't count. But honestly I don't care. This is the longest relationship I have had. And it's nice.

He may not be with me on my birthday, but he knows, he is already the best birthday gift.

Friday, February 11, 2011


The one thing that's scary when someone updates you on what's happening with people you haven't been in touch with for a long time, is finding out that they died.

This morning I was informed by a classmate/colleague that one of our batchmate in college was murdered two weeks ago.

I personally don't know Clarence very well. We were never classmates, we did have common friends but we were never friends. We do say hi to each other. I remember he's one of the meek gay people from our course. The one who was almost always bullied or harassed by friends. But he was nice. He often greets me when we stumble upon each other.

After college I never really heard from him again. I know he works for a telecommunications company. But other than that, I have nothing.

Apparently he was murdered by two teenage boys he met in Malate. He was found naked and was robbed of his personal belongings.

The suspects already surrendered to the authorities but said that they only did it because they were just protecting the younger brother from being molested by Clarence who held him at knifepoint.

Honestly, I never saw in Clarence's personality as someone who can threaten another person at knifepoint. But even if it was true, he did not deserve to be butchered and stabbed 13 times. He was a good person.

My prayers to his family and to everyone he left behind. I hope he finds peace and justice.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


I have never questioned how much the kid loves me. I am certain he does.

Sometimes he tells me that he loves me more than I do him (that's not true by the way).

They say love makes you do crazy things. Things you've never done before. Things you thought you'll never do.

Last weekend was a step forward in our relationship.

Something we've never done in the last eight months we've been together.

He broke a promise that we agreed he'll never do.

He changed for me.

For us.

For the first time.

He let me in.

I'll never question how much he loves me.

Never ever.