Monday, April 19, 2010


Before you react upon seeing an update from my link, don't get your hopes up. This blog is still dead. This is just a one-off thing I'm doing because I can't sleep.

Something I need to get off my chest. Something I can't share on my other blog.

I was actually contemplating on the weekend that passed. It was fun. I get to cross another on my birthday wishlist. I had a great time.

Okay moving on, if you still remember, I don't have alot of PLU friends. So I don't really know what to do when I'm hanging out with one... or two.

You see last Saturday, I hung out with a couple of blog friends or friends (at least I'd like to think we're now friends). Anyway, so we were hanging out at Starbucks in Araneta Center, and one of the things I noticed with them, is that they were commenting on other guys that were passing by or hanging out in the area. Are they a couple? If they were, how long have they been together? Stuff like that.

Not that it's weird or wrong or anything. It's something new for me. When I hang out with my friends, we don't point out other guys to check if they're a couple or not. My straight friends don't bother with those things. They don't care. They're straight.

Like I said, it was something new. I wanted to say my piece, but I didn't know where to start. I could only smile.

I need to hang out more with people like me.