Sunday, October 23, 2011


Maintaining a blog is difficult. You really need to have serious writing chops if you want to stay active.

Having two is really impossible. 

Specially now with all my responsibilities at work add juggling personal time and having quality time with the Kid., something's got to give.

I have exported almost all of my posts from this one to my other blog, which is the one I'll maintain. I'll copy some of the active links from this one to my other home so I can still keep up with the ones I still read.

Maybe occasionally, if the Kid decides to write his Philo stuff, I'll post it here, but I don't think I'll be able to post here anymore.

Thank you to everyone who followed, reads, visits, provide feedback and everyone I became friends here for giving time to read all my rants.You have all been great. I have grown up alot because of y'all.

Hope you'd still follow me on my other home

For now, Engel will be on hiatus.


rudeboy said...

Sorry to hear that, engel, but since you've officially "come out" on the other blog, I'd have to agree it makes little sense to maintain both.

Soooo...see you there, I guess?

Gaspard said...

see you there! :P

Unknown said...

It still makes me sad