Sunday, October 23, 2011


Maintaining a blog is difficult. You really need to have serious writing chops if you want to stay active.

Having two is really impossible. 

Specially now with all my responsibilities at work add juggling personal time and having quality time with the Kid., something's got to give.

I have exported almost all of my posts from this one to my other blog, which is the one I'll maintain. I'll copy some of the active links from this one to my other home so I can still keep up with the ones I still read.

Maybe occasionally, if the Kid decides to write his Philo stuff, I'll post it here, but I don't think I'll be able to post here anymore.

Thank you to everyone who followed, reads, visits, provide feedback and everyone I became friends here for giving time to read all my rants.You have all been great. I have grown up alot because of y'all.

Hope you'd still follow me on my other home

For now, Engel will be on hiatus.

Thursday, September 29, 2011


Geeking out once again. Have alot of things to review. I only have 30 minutes til my shift ends, so let me do this quickly.

This is one of my favorite new sitcoms for this season. Zooey Deschanel killed her role as Jess in The New Girl. She plays a sort of geeky girl who got dumped by her boyfriend and was forced to move in with three hunks. The last part of the description sold me. The show's a bit traditional sitcom-y, meaning it has been done before. It's like reverse-Big Bang Theory, only the hot girl is the geek with three hot guys. Anyway, three hot guys sold me. So there you go.

This show's got an interesting concept. Future earth is dying, for humans to survive, man must journey and live in the past. And by past, we mean hundreds of millions of years in the past. When dinosaurs roamed the earth. Steven Spielberg's name was linked to this project so that immediately drew my attention. But after boring me with his other show (Falling Skies), I'm not too excited about this show. The first episode is intriguing. It's got that Lost feel to it. Hopefully, the action will pick up in the next few episodes, so we'll see.

Haven't followed this show since I don't know after Season 3 or 4. I know Charlie Sheen got fired and  was replaced by Ashton. He was not the hook for me, unfortunately. I downloaded this show just to check on how this will be different. Two episodes in, and I still find the show funny. Ashton is not Charlie, so that's good. He still brings in the sexy though, so that'll pique girl's and men's interest a bit. But I don't think I'll be seeing this the entire season. Eventually, once all the other shows I'm looking forward to watching begins, I'll probably forget about this.

So, Penny slept with Raj. Last Season wasn't as great as the previous ones, but last summer's finale immediately pulled me back in. The whole Raj and Penny thing was definitely a surprise, so I thought  I must watch this show again. I was actually more surprised that they wrapped up that story quite quickly. Would have wanted more of those two interacting with each other. But the first episode of the season got me excited for the next episodes. So this one's still on my download list.

I don't really want to write a review for this one yet. I've only seen just one episode of Season 3. But damn! I can't wait to see this every week. Alicia's changed alot. She's hot now. She's so hot I'm now considering being a lesbian. I'm itching to see Cuddy make an appearance. I'm looking forward to seeing more of her and Will Gardner doing more sex scenes. Actually, I'd be fine if Will has a sex scene by himself. But more importantly, I want to see how her husband will react when he finds out that Alicia isn't a good wife anymore.

This show has a great concept. After 9-11, America has created a machine that can track people who could possibly commit heinous acts of terrorism. It's like Minority Report-Lite, but only better. It stars Jesus Christ (the guy from The Passion of Christ) I forgot his name. So anyway the concept, there's a machine that can predict possible acts of terrorism, but it also gets information to predict small time crime. Unfortunately, that machine discards that information. Good thing one man has access to that information and uses Jesus Christ to stop those murders from happening. It also has that Lost vibe to it. But I'm really enjoying this show.

The first of this trilogy, was the first game I played and finished when I got my XBox 360. I followed this series, even if I hadn't completed the second game. Anyway, the reason is I loved it. I loved the gameplay. I loved the bromance. I loved the emoness of this hyper-masculine game. That's why even if I don't have budget, and the Kid told me not to buy it, I still got a copy of it. It's worth it. It's a great game. More emo than I can remember, and I'm excited to finish it hopefully this weekend.

Saturday, September 10, 2011


A couple of years ago, I asked this question: Do they know?

I had an inkling that my parents had clues about who I really am. I think all parents do. These are things that just never get said. Things that are better left unsaid.

As a kid, I know they must have seen something in me. I remember my cousins would joke around that among our clan, the third generation of our family there were only about three and a half of us who'll spread our last name. The men in my family died young. I was the half.

My grandmother caught me fornicating with another guy in my room. I know she's always known. She'd tell my uncles what she thought of me when I was young. I'm sure that deed she saw would have already reached my mother's ears.

Then there's the fact that I'm almost thirty, and not once have I brought a woman home to meet them.

The Kid always sleeps over at home. And when he's there, we just lock ourselves up inside my room. I'm sure my cousin and our household help have at least once heard me and the kid say sweet nothings to each other.

They know.

The question though is this, should I confirm to them what they already know?

Wednesday, August 31, 2011


This was supposed to be my post on the 'other' blog, but I just recently posted an english article there, so I decided to just share the post here. I'm going to geek out big time here, so if you're not into comic books or video games or pop culture, then I advise to just stay away.

Honestly, I'm really torn up right now on how to divide my time. I have work, comic book downloads, series downloads, my new camera, the Kid and this video game to occupy my time. I just came from a two-day leave and felt I didn't really accomplish much.

In total, I've clocked in about 24-hours of game time playing Deus Ex. This is probably one of the most addicting PS3 game I have in my small library. I had to start over because I made a total blunder in my choices, but playing this a second time did not feel like a chore.

In Deus Ex: Human Revolution, you play Adam Jensen, a security chief of a technologically advanced corporation who had to be augmented with hi-tech mechanisms after his company got attacked. His mission now is to find out the truth about the attack.

I am not fluent in the technical mumbo-jumbo that is creating video games, but all I can say is that this game is awesome in all aspects of video-gaming that I know. The visuals are just awe-inspiring. I love that I can interact with almost everything that I can come to. The CGI parts are stunning, this is a very beautiful game.

Like I said, I played the first 12-hours of this game twice, and it did not get old for me. Other games may have played the same way, but this did not. It was like I was playing an entirely new game. It's that good.

If you're a comic book geek like me, then you've probably heard of the 52 initiative of DC Comics. This is one of the biggest news of the year in the comicbook world.

It's basically DC revamping their entire universe and giving us 52 #1 titles in just one month.

I'm no DC follower (I'm obviously a Marvel zombie), but this has got me intrigued. September is the perfect jumping-on point for readers who wants to be familiar with DC or comics in general.

Simply put, a recent event (Flashpoint) has caused the entire DC history to be rewritten and we'll be able to see again how or where characters like Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman came to be.

I'm not totally sold on this idea, if you ask me. This would be like when Marvel decided to un-marry Spider-man and Mary Jane (actually Superman and Lois Lane will be unmarried now too). People say this is a desperate move by DC, but if this will get people to buy and read comics again, then by any means they should go.

I'm cutting down on my comics purchases, so I really don't have enough space anymore for a DC comic. But I'm pretty sure my Thursday downloads will be a bit heavier from now on.

It's September once again.

That means alot of my favorite tv shows are coming back!!! Let me just rundown the series that I'm currently following and shows that I'm looking forward to see in the following weeks/months. If you haven't seen some of the shows and don't want to be spoiled, I guess it's time to stop reading this post.


THE GOOD WIFE: Season 2 ended with Alicia and Will making out in the elevator. I can't wait to find out what happens next. And damn, the teaser for this show is making me drool. It's sexy. Okay, I'm doubting if I'm really gay now. Oh, and House's Dr. Cuddy is in for several episodes this season!!! Yay, Lisa Edelstein!!!

THE WALKING DEAD: Honestly, Season 1's six episodes is a total travesty. I'm glad AMC picked it up for a 2nd season and can't wait to see what's coming in the next 12 episodes. The 4-minute trailer gave us a glimpse of Herschel's Farm and that immediately gave me goosebumps. October can't come soon enough.

THE AMAZING RACE: This is my favorite reality show. I don't care about Survivor or American Idol or The Bachelor, this is the game I want to play. I don't know why, but this game never gets tiring for me. There's always someone to root for, and someone to hate. And I can't wait to find out who those people will be.

That's just 3 shows, other shows I'm looking forward to: How I Met Your Mother, The Big Bang Theory, Terra Nova, Private Practice, House, and Community. My desktop's going to crash looking at the list of future downloads. God help me!

Nope, no Glee or Gossip Girl or Vampire Diaries for me anymore. Like what you've been saying about my last post, I've matured.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


When I was in my late teens/early twenties, I often listen to these more mature people airing their opinions on current events and politics. I always thought those matters are for old people.

News, politics, current events, I always thought that these are things that only adults would give a damn about. I was, no I am a pop culture guy. I care about the latest video games, the most popular comic books, the best movies.

I don't know what happened, but things changed.

A few hours ago, I found myself composing a reply to a fellow blogger who aired his opinion regarding the issue between the President and the victims of last year's hostage crisis. And then, I saw my last post, and it was about my reaction to the facebook message pitting the Philippine Azkals against the Philippine Dragonboat Team.

A couple of years ago, I wouldn't even read those kinds of articles. I'd rather waste my time finding out what to look forward to in upcoming episodes of Grey's Anatomy. I'd only listen or watch the news to find out which actor switches to which network.

I still do.

But I also am getting interested in real news. I want to know the truth behind the former first gentleman's helicopters. I need to find out when the doctors will botch Congresswoman Gloria Arroyo's operation and kill her. Heck, I'm even having an opinion regarding divorce and the RH Bill. I'm even buying newspaper every other day.

Clearly, this is a sign of aging.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


PH Azkals: 0 Golds, 0 trophies, 5 TV ads, 20% Pinoy
PH Dragonboat Team: 5 Golds, 0 commercials, 90% Pinoy

PH Azkals: With Sponsors
PH Dragonboat Team: Inutang at KKB Pamasahe.

PH Azkals: Complete Outfit
PH Dragonboat Team: Nanghiram pa ng sagwan sa Kalaban

Sasagwan ka ba sa KARANGALAN o Sisipa sa PAPOGIAN?

Spread the Word!!!

This was one of the facebook stats that I read on my way to work today.

Honestly, I find that statement off and foul.

I was supposed to comment on that status as it is asking to have people repost this, but the internet connection on my blackberry was off so my message did not push through. So I thought I'd just write my litany about this in my blog.

I am no sports fan. So news about the Philippine Azkals and our Philippine Dragonboat Team is not such a big deal for me. From what I gather from news clips I see before I sleep or before I go to work, that all our athletes don't get the support that they deserve from our government. That much I clearly understand.

The status above is actually a good move. I agree, that the Philippine Dragonboat Team did not get the support they deserve. Heck, if they did not break records and win gold we'd still not hear about this team. So it's just right that these athletes, these players enjoy the attention they're getting right now. And this is the right time to show the government, the people that they NEED support financially from our government.

But what's off for me is that they are compared with other athletes, specifically the Azkals. I am no fan of the team (of any sports really). While I do find alot of their players attractive and sexy and yummy, it does not affect my opinion-making.

Whoever started the above statement, clearly have no understanding of sports. I took soccer in PE when I was in college and let me tell you, soccer/football is not an easy sport. The fact that those players got to where they got, even if they lost, is a big thing for the country. They were underdogs. Yes, they did not win alot of games. Yes they did not get to the World Cup. But that does not discount the fact that they worked their asses off to get to where they got. So I think they still deserve respect.

Don't get me wrong, I am PROUD of our Philippine Dragonboat Team. And I agree that they really need to get more support not just from our government but from people who can. But I don't agree that these people need to be compared with other athletes. This is probably the reason this country's not progressing.

Let's just be happy that these rowers, and football players, and boxers, regardless of the crap they're getting from us, still want to carry our country's name.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Engel's timeline after he created this blog two years ago.

August '09 - Started this second blog anonymously. Followed and got followed by other pink bloggers.

September '09 - Became fully engrossed in this home. Posted more regularly and got more regular readers and commenters.

October '09 - Not anonymous anymore. Met a blogger and after a day became his beau.

November '09 - Not a month after, they broke up.

December '09 - Because of the mess that was his lovelife, attempted to say goodbye. Took him a week to come back.

January '10 - Started flirting with other bloggers. Other bloggers started flirting back.

February '10 - Met 5 bloggers on his birthday. Had a huge crush upon meeting Lukayo, Johnny
Cursive and Maxwell.

March '10 - On his third day of making spontaneous decisions, decided to close down this blog... again.

April '10 - Took him three weeks this time to come back to writing. Courting the Kid more aggressively this time.

May '10 - Sex blogs started to grow. I blamed Soltero (just kidding). Oh, and Engel's not single anymore (seriously this time). Finally met birthday boy Nyl and Kane.

June '10 - Nothing much happened.

July '10 - Bought a Playstation 3 console.

August '10 - Started posting about relationship. Wrote about sex life. Wrote about sex. Fail!!! Iurico told me he hated me one time because he thought I did something. Got promoted.

September '10 - Makmak's dilemma with his "love life" reached a climax. Became constant companion during Thursday mass in St. Jude.

October '10 - Finally opened up about on the truth about an ex.

November '10 - The Kid started writing for this blog. Readers got a taste of the nosebleed. I guess except for Red the Mod and Kaloy. 6th lunaversary with the Kid.

December '10 - Met with alot of bloggers. Formed a huge crush on one that became his friend. Crush had to end. Still in love with the Kid.

January '11 - Met one anonymous blogger who Engel had a huge crush on since 2008. Finally put a face on that smiley he used to hide his face in when he posted pictures of himself. Gorgeous gorgeous man. Promised this will be the year he'll lose weight.

February '11 - Quiet birthday with blog friends. A schoolmate got killed by a couple of kids he met in Malate. Initial findings say robbery was motive. Mourned death by eating. Got promoted again.

March '11 - No blog posts. Writer's block. Probably know readers got tired of reading every single significant event in relationship that's been chronicled. Busied himself by eating more.

April '11 - Posts became seldom for both blogs. Gave other bloggers time to shine. Not updated anymore on happenings in blog world.

May '11 - Celebrated 1st year anniversary with Kid... separately. I had to attend to a friend's wedding in Boracay, and the Kid didn't have money to follow. Oh yeah, and friendship with a blogger friend ended because he groped my Kid.

June '11 - After not being able to look at his Boracay pictures, decided to finally start losing weight. Annual Physical Exam showed, he finally reached 200 lbs. Disgusted with himself.

July '11 - Lost 20 lbs!!! Celebrated by eating.

August '11 - Have not looked in the scales yet, but is already in the 170's range. 177 the last time I looked. Celebrated two years of Engel.

Happy blog birthday to me!!!

Thursday, August 4, 2011


As I currently don't have anything in mind to share these days. Let me just post something the Kid wrote.

I'm not a philosopher in any way, so any questions regarding what you'll be reading next should be forwarded to him. Unlike me, he actually responds to comments.

Enjoy. And have a handkerchief ready, this is gonna make your nose bleed a little.

Ang konsepto ng MERON
At kung bakit may GUMAWA nito mula sa WALA

Philosophy-related ang post na to. Ie-explain ko lang ang koneksyon ng meron sa wala at kung bakit kelangang may gumawa sa ‘wala’ para ‘magkaroon’.

Medyo nosebleed, pero maganda kasi tong argument (para sa Philo junkies gaya ko) para mapatunayang may Diyos nga.

Mag-uumpisa ang argument sa konsepto ng meron. Sabi ni Avicenna (Arabian philosopher), mapapatunayan na nanggaling sa wala ang mga bagay dahil sa konsepto ng duality. Pag nakita mo ang isang pie, for example, dalawang bagay lang naman ang maiisip mo (in this context), it’s either merong pie or walang pie. Dahil naga-grasp ng utak ang konsepto ng wala (nothingness), lohikal na sabihing may GUMAWA nito from WALA (dahil hindi naga-grasp ng utak ang WALA at tanging MERON lang).

Dahil sa duality, masasabing lahat ng bagay ay kino-cause ng isa pang bagay. Kung titignan in a wider perspective, masasabing lahat ng bagay sa universe e cause ng iba pang entities. For example, yung mga stars e galing sa mga sumabog at namatay na stars. Para kay Avicenna, lahat ng bagay sa universe ay CONTINGENT BEINGS. Meaning, hindi sila magiging ganyan (being) kung hindi dahil sa iba pang bagay (other beings).

Kung susundan ang logic na to, masasabing lahat ng bagay e nanggaling sa isa pa, and so on and so forth. Pero pano naman yung pinakaumpisang bagay sa universe?

Hindi biblical ang nature ng reasoning ni Avicenna nang sinabi nyang tanging Diyos lang ang kayang gumawa ng meron mula sa wala. Bakit?

Una, hindi pwedeng manggaling sa wala ang meron. Dahil kung wala na sya, hindi na sya magkakaroon pa. Kaya naman, dapat may MAMAGITAN sa wala para magkaroon (kung tatanong mo kung pano ginawa ang bagay mula sa wala e hindi ko alam kasi hindi ako Diyos).
Pero pedeng tanungin, kung ginawa ng Diyos ang meron sa wala, sino ang gumawa sa Diyos? Dito mas pinatibay ni Avicenna ang argument nya nang sinabi NECESSARY BEING ang Diyos. Meaning, hindi na Nya kelangan pa ang iba pang entity para maging SYA. Bakit?

1. Endless cycle ang mangyayari kung sasabihin mong may gumawa pa sa Diyos. Sino gumawa sa gumawa sa Diyos? Sino gumawa sa gumawa sa gumawa sa Diyos?
2. Lohikal isiping meron na ang Diyos simula pa dahil TANGING ang MERON lang ang makakagawa ng isa pang MERON from WALA.

Sana gets nyo.

Yung lang.